Neighborhood Advisory Committee

Neighborhood Advisory Committee

The Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) Program is one of the major ways that we engage with residents in our community. Through the NAC Program, we hold monthly community meetings, host multiple active subcommittees, and engage in various projects and activities for the benefit of our neighbors.

Through partnerships with other organizations, we have organized free pop-up clothing shops, community art projects, specialized community forums, and partnerships with local schools to bring additional programs and services to local students and their families. In addition, our monthly community meetings convene residents with various providers and others to provide vital information and training to members of the community. We are always in pursuit of new, innovative resources that can bring relief and joy to our neighbors’ day to day lives.

The greatest benefit of the NAC Program is the NAS (Neighborhood Advisory Subcommittee), a group of residents elected by their peers to represent the interests of the community. The NAS is a platform by which residents can affect physical and social change through community meetings, zoning hearings, event planning, outreach, and advocacy. As the host organization for the community’s NAS, we are receptive to their interests and ensure that their priorities are communicated directly to the City of Philadelphia via DHCD (Division of Housing & Community Development).

All are welcome to attend our monthly community meetings:

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month
5:30pm – 7:00pm
We invite you to join via Zoom or dialing in. Please contact NAC Program Director, Stasia Monteiro for more information.

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For more information, please contact the NAC Program Director:

Stasia Monteiro

  • HACE Main Office
  • 167 W. Allegheny Avenue, Suite 200
  • Philadelphia, PA 19140
  • (215) 426-8025 x3011

This program is supported in part by funding from the City of Philadelphia’s Division of Housing and Community Development.