Corridor Cleaning Program

Corridor Cleaning Program

To complement the Main Street Program, HACE has been implementing a Corridor Cleaning Program as part of the organizations revitalization efforts along El Centro de Oro since 2009, and more recently to include the Front Street Business District in 2014, to attract new businesses, eliminate blight and attract new economic development investment in the area. Our program promotes compliance with litter regulations and we strive to reduce waste materials going to our landfills and minimize the amount of pollutants entering our storm water system which in turn will save the city money, improve quality of life and increase employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in “El Centro de Oro” and the Front Street Business District.

This program serves both commercial corridors with the following services:

  • Sweeping and cleaning sidewalks and curbs in both commercial corridors Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Bagging and recycling litter for pick-up by Streets Department
  • Illegal poster removal
  • Snow removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Gum removal from sidewalks
  • Removing weeds and maintaining tree bases
  • Reporting corridor maintenance issues to 311
  • Town Watch Program/Volunteer security services

HACE’s Commercial Corridor Cleaning Program strives to bring positive change to the corridors and surrounding community, support investments realized and underway, attract new businesses, and increase visitation to the corridors This strategy helps to create jobs, provide retail goods and services to residents of the surrounding community, and increase private and public investments.


For more information please contact:

HACE Main Street Office

  • Business & Visitors Center
  • 2708-10 N. 5th Street
  • Philadelphia, PA 19133
  • (215) 426-4990

This program is supported in part by funding from the Commerce Department of the City of Philadelphia, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and PA Department of Community and Economic Development.