Lawrence Court

3300 block of North Lawrence Street, Philadelphia PA

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Lawrence Court Homeownership Project

3300 block of North Lawrence Street, Philadelphia PA

Lawrence Court Homeownership Development includes 50 new construction homes located at the 3300 block of North Lawrence Street in Philadelphia. The overall design of Lawrence Court incorporates variations in facades, with the same unit plan, to provide visual diversity within the typical townhome building footprint. Some units have 2nd floor balconies, while others have large 2nd floor bay windows. The overall variety of facades and roof outlines create aesthetic variety, consistent with the historic character of the neighborhood and to reflect the Latino heritage of the community. These new townhomes are twenty feet wide, exceeding the typical width of properties in the area by five feet, were designed to accommodate contemporary lifestyles with an open floor plan.

Forty-six units are served by a private rear access driveway that provides access to one private off-street parking space for each home. The four new infill homes on the west side of Lawrence Street have on-street parking. Five of the new homes are fully handicapped accessible with two bedrooms and a full bathroom on the first floor. These units were affordably priced at $70,000 for the infill units and $90,000 for the other homes with driveways. Settlement and down payment assistance up to $5,700 was provided to eligible homebuyers.

A homeowners’ association was established to build leadership among the new residents and for the preservation of this new development. Lawrence Court was designed to assure long-term affordability of the units through the incorporation of various energy efficiency design features in compliance with the City’s requirements for affordable housing developments. All homes have been designed to achieve a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) to meet all the requirements for Energy Star Qualified Homes.

Lawrence Court was funded by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, Office of Housing and Community Development of the City of Philadelphia, Housing Trust Fund of the City of Philadelphia, and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh.