August 11, 2017

From Bad to Good Lands

Good Lands 2025 “Neighborhood Plan”


Philadelphia, PA. – The official announcement of a grant from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation (WFRF) in the heart of the Latin Quarter north of the City of Brotherly Love was held on August 10. It is designated for a project undertaken by the nonprofit organization HACE, that since 1982 has been in charge of developing real estate projects aimed at the development of the low-income population of the north of the city.
The amount of the new donation of the foundation amounts to $ 750 thousand, which will be assigned to this new part of the project for the next 5 years.

Together with other public and private entities, they have been responsible for creating a redevelopment movement that seeks the integral development of families, especially Latino families, who are in a cycle of poverty and violence.

To rebuild and build a future for the new generations, is the plan of those who are striving from different sectors.

Among those present at the event were Councilmember Maria Quiñones Sánchez and Carolina Di Giorgio CEO of Congreso.

HACE María Gonzalez stated: “The cleaning of the Conrail Viaduct – for which HACE has been a strong advocate for years – is an important and critical component for the ongoing redevelopment of this community,” adding: “Send a message to the residents that a positive change is coming.”

Joanna Otero Cruz, deputy director of the City of Philadelphia, was present on behalf of Mayor Jim Kenney, who expressed enthusiasm through her.

“So I know that having them on board with a major contribution from the Wells Fargo Foundation will help revitalize the West Kensington-Fairhill neighborhoods and will lead to great things.”

Denise McGregor-Armbrister, executive director of the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation, said she is committed to the causes of those most in need, and will continue to support projects like those at HACE that bring significant improvements to our community. “HACE has been a long-time leader in the revitalization of Fairhill and St. Hugh neighborhoods,” added Denise McGregor Armbrister, “we are very pleased to continue our partnership with them while implementing the residents vision for the future.”

HACE completed the 2025 Good Lands Neighborhood Development Plan in 2015 with the support of the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation. The plan was developed with support and feedback from community residents, local organizations, and civic leaders to identify community needs, rank them in terms of their priority, assess available resources within the community to meet needs, and identify new Private and public investments that can bridge the gap between needs and what the community can achieve on its own.
This economic injection will support economic development initiatives, affordable rental housing, provision of social services for older adults, and participation of residents through the creation of a Livability Academy.  (click here to Spanish version)

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The Good Lands 2025 Neighborhood Plan