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From Bad to Good Lands

Good Lands 2025 “Neighborhood Plan”

Goodlands 2025 Neighborhood Plan Executive Summary
Goodlands 2025 Neighborhood Plan Executive Summary

HACE has a long history of using the neighborhood planning process to guide its work. The first 10-year plan was completed in 1995, and the second was completed in 2004 with support from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation. In 2015, with the second neighborhood plan coming to a close, HACE developed its current 10-year plan to continue to grow the community benefits through 2025. The plan is resident and community-driven, with input provided throughout the planning process from neighborhood non-profits, local organization, elected officials, businesses, institutions and residents.

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HACE’s goal is to make its core neighborhoods a place of choice for a mixed income, ethnically diverse population. Our neighborhood plan focuses the organization to address the concerns of the community through a comprehensive strategy that defines tangible projects and programs into manageable geographical boundaries.