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Project Description

Commercial and Retail Development

In 1982 HACE was organized, in part, to prevent the impending closing of a central shopping mall in the heart of the Latino Commercial District in Eastern North Philadelphia, known as El Centro de Oro (the Golden Center). HACE used the successful redevelopment of the mall as the starting point to demonstrate to the community that they could take charge of their economic destiny. Over the years, the HACE Mall has been home to HACE and a great number of community organizations creating hundreds of jobs.

Since then, HACE seized market-based opportunities by developing over 35,000 square feet of office/retail space to create jobs and to support small businesses. In the selection of commercial tenants for the commercial space developed and owned by HACE, the goal is to bring needed services and businesses into the community. To this end, HACE has been able to attract and bring a variety of health care organizations, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, and recreation/tutoring agencies that provide comprehensive services to community residents.

For more information on business opportunities and technical assistance please contact:

HACE Main Street Office
2708-10 N. 5th Street.
Philadelphia, PA 19133
Office: 215-426-4990
Fax: 215-437-7864